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Your Local Bar and Restaurant Inventory Experts

Are you looking to improve your bar or restaurant’s inventory profitability to gain healthier profit margins? Then look no further than Sculpture Hospitality. We have solutions that will revolutionize your inventory processes, no matter your budget.


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The Art of Sculpture

As the pioneering company in creating efficiencies in the bar and restaurant inventory control process, Sculpture Hospitality is the one-stop-solution for your restaurant or bar’s entire inventory needs. In fact, we’ve turned inventory solutions into an art.

We are passionate about ensuring your company earns more profit. Through our data-driven, artisanal solutions that are created specifically for you by local experts based in your town, Sculpture Hospitality will transform your inventory management processes and ensure your business hits its profit and loss goals.

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Money Savings on Tap

Are you looking to improve your bar’s beverage inventory processes? Sculpture Hospitality’s proven methods and innovative technology is here to help. By using Sculpture for your beverage inventory, your business can:

  • Increase your bar’s top line sales by 7-15 percent and reduce inventory asset losses from 15-30 percent down to 3 percent or better - saving you thousands of dollars each and every week, month and year.
  • Save time (and headaches) by ordering with our intelligent ordering analytics.
  • Customized inventory program for each of our clients - a local professional will help provide a solution that is tailored to you, from our full-service in-house option to our self-serve option.

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More Profit on Every Plate

Do you want to identify strategies that will prevent your restaurant from creating excess waste and discarding profits? With Sculpture Hospitality's innovative food inventory solution, your business can:

  • Get wiser about food waste. Sculpture Hospitality’s Inventory Experts will guide you in reclaiming up to 4 percent of your food cost.
  • Sculpture Hospitality can help you save thousands each year by reducing food spoilage and inefficient inventory control processes.
  • Do you want to make more profit on every plate? Of course you do! Our innovative technology solution can help you improve margins and manage recipes, helping your restaurant business to get the profits it deserves.

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Local People. Real Results.

Sculpture Hospitality is driven by passionate partnerships, with local inventory experts based in countries all over the world.

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Your Time Counts For More

Is your business struggling to create profitable recipes? Do you need more visibility into what’s selling well and what isn’t? Are you finding it difficult to manage multiple locations? Sculpture Hospitality’s world-class technologies resolve challenges in all phases of your inventory management, giving you time and money to focus on your business.

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Our Technology

The hospitality industry is fast paced. Keeping up with the technologies and trends needed to ensure your business stays profitable isn’t easy. That’s where Sculpture Hospitality will help. Our passion for restaurants and bars across the hospitality sector, combined with our unique and innovative technology, can help save your business thousands upon thousands each year.

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News & Events

What’s up? Here’s the latest news from Sculpture Hospitality, including the events we’re attending.

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Our Partners & Integrations

What Our Clients Say

We’re pleased to have excellent partnerships with clients across a wide range of hospitality businesses, including hotels, restaurants, bars, pubs, nightclubs, and many more. Here’s what they’re saying...


Brian Hedrick

3000 Bar

I tell every bar and restaurant owner I know I would never have a bar location open without Sculpture. It takes away any gray area as to whether my inventory is accounted for, without me as an owner having to babysit the bar. Using a third party for inventory control also takes it out of a managers hands as well, who may have a vested interest in bonus structure for inventory to be good and reporting it inaccurately. By having a non partial third party do inventory, the manager controls his or her employees so that the bonus can be achieved. This allows me to focus on growing my business and be free to rest at night, and allows my manager to focus on our company’s customers and service. It’s a small weekly investment for peace of mind that my bar locations are running efficiently.


Ariel McDuff

Swigs Bar and Grill

When I first hired Kevin to perform Sculpture audits, our initial discovery audits uncovered variance as high as 20% in our liquor and draft beer. These shortages were worth anywhere from $600-$800 a week at cost and $1500 - $2000 per week in potential revenue my business could have made if we sold the product. Upon learning this information, we conducted a staff meeting and informed everyone of the audits and our expectations moving forward. We have since reduced our variance to anywhere from 4-5% per week since retaining Kevin to perform audits on a regular basis. We even had an audit recently where our variance was only 1%, which is a huge accomplishment. This service has saved me a ton of money and given me peace of mind I did not have before. I am a new mother, with no time to audit my own inventory and I have even less time to spend watching over my staff. The Sculpture audits allow me the freedom to know my bar is not a free for all with my staff while I am not watching.


Charles Houk

Southern Junction Nightclub & Steakhouse

I have Sculpture to thank for giving me the ability to open a second location. Once we made the decision to open the second place, one of my first calls was to our local Sculpture representative, Tim Huels. He helped with opening inventory, training, and getting started out on the right foot. That helped set the culture on the front-end instead of having to correct it over time. There are five things I use Sculpture for: loss prevention, inventory management, ordering, training, and advice.


Kevin Vaughan

Vaughan Hospitality Group

Sculpture is heavily involved in our ordering process at all our locations. By noon, every Tuesday, they provide us with all the inventory reports. They are extremely reliable, and their services definitely add to the efficiency of my business. Sculpture is very much a people business. The company does a great job of combining good technology with good people. My Sculpture representative, Ken Gillie, is outstanding, smart and responsive.


Request a Discovery Session

Sculpture Hospitality offers a unique, expert audit, in which we count and weigh every single item in your bar or restaurant’s inventory.

Find Your Local Sculpture Consultant

Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, Sculpture Hospitality has a growing network of local restaurant and bar inventory specialists all over the world from the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, New Zealand, South America, Scandinavia, China and many other countries - all with a deep knowledge of your company’s specific market.

Our experts know exactly what inventory strategy is needed to improve your company’s profitably. Find your local expert on our company directory, and learn how we can revolutionize your inventory processes.

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Our Resources

Are you looking for more information on improving your restaurant or bar’s inventory management processes? Look no further than Sculpture Hospitality’s extensive list of resources.


Meet the Community

Business owners just like you are part of the Sculpture Hospitality global community. We get together. We communicate, share stories, exchange ideas and have fun.

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Case Studies

Find out how our clients have optimized their processes and increased profitability with Sculpture Hospitality's innovative inventory strategies.

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eBooks & Guides

Dive deeper. We’re sharing decades of inventory experience in these helpful guides that answer important restaurant and bar inventory management questions.

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Your go-to resource on the bar and restaurant industry, including helpful information for inventory management.

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