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Meet Our Executive Team

With more than 30 years as a pioneer in designing innovative beverage and food inventory management solutions, Sculpture Hospitality is home to the world's leading hospitality experts. Our professional team is a perfect blend of local expertise, creativity and world-renowned industry knowledge.

Vanessa De Caria
President & CEO

In an industry where the people behind a company are as important as the company itself, there is no surprise that you'll find Vanessa leading our network of hospitality experts. She has a real passion for the industry and her objective is to create an incredible client experience while being able to develop tools that help operators run their business more efficiently.

Ken Keng
Chief Technology Officer

Ken has been with Sculpture for nearly two decades, so he has seen the technology evolve and is responsible for building and scaling Sculpture’s state-of-the-art inventory platform. Prior to Sculpture Ken worked for a variety of internet start-ups, so he is no stranger to growing with the technology.

John Nanney
Chief of Staff & Head of Project Management Office

John knows what is required to support and train the entire network of hospitality experts, from software utilization to standardizing processes. After joining Sculpture in 2014, John immersed himself into the technology and has grown into his role as Chief of Staff.

Scot Hulshizer
Chief Operating Officer & Head of Strategy

A former Fortune 500 executive, college professor, entrepreneur, and executive coach, Scot focuses on the future of Sculpture and the products and partnerships it will take to further our vision. He makes sure that the choices we make today set us up to continue our position as trusted advisors and industry leaders as well as grow and evolve our offerings in an ever-changing marketplace.

Jacqueline Boers
VP Controller

The woman behind the numbers. Jacqueline has been the silent warrior behind the growth of Sculpture since 2003. She aims to instill streamlined and efficient processes, especially given the complexities that exist within a franchise organization.

Krista Dinsmore
VP of Marketing

Working behind the scenes to keep the marketing engine running at Sculpture, Krista is passionate about educating the industry on the importance of inventory management and how this accuracy, as well as making decisions from these key metrics, can transform the livelihood of hospitality operators across the globe.

Reuben Balmores
Regional Director of Hawaii

Coming from a F&B background, Reuben always loved the industry but he also loved spending his time catching the next wave. So what better fit than a Sculpture franchise? Which is why Reuben joined the team nearly two decades ago and has been saving owners and catching waves ever since.

Patrick Cottrell
Regional Director of Florida

Managing one of the fastest growing markets, Patrick is constantly building and growing his team of franchisees to ensure the success of restaurants across Florida, while always tossing a little friendly competition amongst other franchisees. As a prior restaurant owner, he understands the importance of keeping margins healthy.

Kat Davis
Regional Director of North Carolina, South Carolina & Tennessee

Prior to Sculpture, Kat was a recruiter which is no surprise since she has built a powerhouse of a team under her region. Kat loves helping bar and restaurant owners and helping them become more profitable, which is probably why she always has a smile on her face.

Kyle Davis
Regional Director of Pennsylvania & New Jersey

Kyle loves working in an industry with the maximum amount of person-to-person interaction and that there is not a cubicle in sight! His most memorable story was when a client was finally able to pay themselves a salary shortly after implementing our alcohol inventory management solutions.

Mark Davis
Regional Director of North Carolina, South Carolina & Tennessee

Mark along with his wife, Kat Davis have built one of the largest franchises in our network, which means he has been the good news solution for hundreds of bar and restaurant operators over the past 20 years by improving their profits and efficiencies across the board.

Charlie Diebel
Regional Director of Ohio

Charlie strives to find losses throughout the Ohio market and has been doing so since 1994.

He is a notorious prospector who loves to share the good news solution that Sculpture has to offer. Why? Because all bars and restaurants should have a clear vision of how their restaurant is operating.

Joe English
Regional Director of Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana & Texas

Joe is one of our newest Regional Directors, yet he is leaving his mark by managing and growing several states. Joe loves the people in our industry. Not only do they have a passion about their customers but they are typically high energy so there is never a dull day as a Sculpture franchisee.


Chris & Rich Evans
Regional Director of Massachusetts, Connecticut & Rhode Island

As the first US franchisees, Rich and Chris have been paving the way to Sculpture’s growth ever since. They originally invested in the business because they saw the problem that the franchisee could resolve for the bar operator. 

Ken Gillie
Regional Director of Illinois

Starting out as a Sculpture auditor, Ken saw first-hand the valuable service that Sculpture has to offer. So much so, that he decided to invest in his own franchise. He goes above and beyond just inventory, which was showcased when he developed a bar manager bonus plan to keep management laser-focused.

Ian Foster
Regional Director of West Coast

Ian has spent the past two decades helping clients eliminate over-pouring, mis-ringing and theft from their bar operations. Together Ian and the California Restaurant Association successfully fought to change California’s sales tax laws which the CRA estimates results in yearly savings of 3-4 million dollars for its members.

Brooks Howard
Regional Director of Arkansas

The ability to maximize earning potential for clients, the ability to create jobs in the community and ultimately contributing to the local economy is exactly why Brooks’s passion for his business keeps growing. Not only does he provide for his family, but he enjoys that he can help provide for the families of his employees and customers alike.

George Jinargyros
Regional Director of New York & Ontario

Coming from the industry, George understood first-hand the importance of what Sculpture could do for any bar or restaurant. That’s the reason why George was the very first franchisee to join our organization, and he has since paved the way to build Sculpture up to where it is today as the industry leader in the inventory space.

Amber Lamote
Regional Director of Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi & New Mexico

Why help one restaurant, when you can help them all? That’s Amber’s motto and her objective as the Regional Director across several states. Her passion to help restaurateurs succeed and become more profitable is contagious and she has been sticking to her motto for the past 15 years.

Mitchal Majors
Regional Director of Missouri

You have probably seen Mitchal from one of his many educational videos that he has been sharing with the industry. Coming from a restaurant management background, not a day goes by that he doesn’t want to teach another industry professional how to run their operation more efficiently.

Lee Morris
Regional Director of Oklahoma & Nebraska

Moving from working in management for large restaurant chains to helping the management of restaurant chains was an easy transition for Lee as he truly understood the importance of proper inventory control and the value it brings to management. After 13 years, Lee is still thrilled each time he receives a referral from one bar owner to another.

Mark Rubenstein
Regional Director of Tennessee, New Jersey & Pennsylvania

Mark loves the panache and excitement of the restaurant industry, which is why one of his biggest highlights is being involved at a level to really make a difference in the success of a restaurant. He was even able to lower a fine for a client issued from the State of TN from $450,000 to $50,000 by proving that losses were unintentional.

Patrick Spielmann
Regional Director of Minnesota

Patrick has a passion to help people and loves numbers (which is no surprise given his corporate finance background), so operating a Sculpture franchise was a perfect match for him. After more than six years he has helped several clients keep their doors open by improving efficiencies and increasing profitability.


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