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Bar and Restuarant Inventory Management Technology

Sculpture Hospitality Makes Technology Easy

One of the most difficult tasks when it comes to managing your restaurant or bar is adopting new trends and technologies that will ensure your business stays profitable. Learning new technology, integrating new technologies together and keeping up with what is a fast-paced industry can be stressful. 

At Sculpture Hospitality, our entire focus is on helping restaurant and bar owners - no matter how small or large - detect issues and identify opportunities in their inventory management strategy. Why? Because your time counts for more. 

Our solutions are built on innovative technologies that have revolutionized the industry, and are dedicated and designed to accommodate the inventory needs of a broad range of hospitality environments.


We Save Our Clients Thousands Each Year

No matter whether you are trying to improve your food inventory at your restaurant or the beverage inventory at your bar, Sculpture Hospitality has a technology solution that will improve your company’s profitability. 

We know that inventory losses are much higher in restaurants and bars when compared with other industries. Prevention requires a strict schedule of detailed inventories - and we provide the technology to make this easy.

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Our powerful tracking and reporting systems will help you reduce over-pour, shrinkage and food waste, putting your profits back where they belong.

Our Inventory Solutions Bring a Range of Features That Will Benefit Your Organization, Such as:


Flexibility and visibility

  • Our technology empowers you to quickly count open bottles significantly faster than you could with pen and paper.
  • Several devices can be used to split up and delegate the work.
  • Upload your inventory counts to an online dashboard, giving you complete visibility into your inventory management processes and where you can improve.

Unique scanning technologies

  • Counting inventory isn’t easy, fun or accurate in most cases - that’s why we’ve created innovative technologies to automate this process.
  • Our scanning and weighing equipment is the fastest and most accurate way to count your inventories for detailed reporting.
  • Add-ons that incorporate purchasing, sales and so much more can take your inventory counts to the next level.

Add new products to your inventory with ease

  • Does your business have a new product in stock? No problem, you can add this item to your inventory in seconds.
  • Simply take a picture of the product and add its name to categorize your new inventory in Sculpture Hospitality’s app.

Complete control over your inventory

  • Use our online dashboard to connect your inventory with your point-of-sale (POS) system, giving you complete visibility into each product purchased.
  • Use your dashboard analytics to make smart decisions for your establishment.

Become More Profitable

Are you looking for more information on how Sculpture Hospitality’s innovative technology can save your restaurant or bar money, improve inventory efficiencies and, ultimately, make you more profitable? Get in touch with us today!

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