Bar and Restaurant Inventory Management Software

An Inventory Management System That Drives Real Restaurant and Bar Profit Growth


As a restaurant owner you got into the business to cook delicious meals and delight your guests. 

What you, perhaps, didn’t prepare for was the extensive business acumen and bookkeeping knowledge it takes to run a highly-profitable restaurant or bar business.

Thankfully, when it comes to managing your restaurant or bar, adopting and implementing new technologies can automate some of these processes and ensure your business optimizes its profitability.

That’s why here at Sculpture Hospitality our entire focus is on helping restaurant and bar owners - no matter how small or large - detect issues and identify opportunities in their inventory management strategy. Why? Because your time counts for more. 

We work with your restaurant or bar management team to ensure they know exactly how to minimize loss opportunities, tighten operational processes and, as a result, yield great results!

Our solutions are built on innovative technologies that have revolutionized the industry, and are dedicated and designed to accommodate the inventory needs of a broad range of hospitality environments.

Through the combination of innovative bar and restaurant inventory management software and highly-skilled inventory management experts, Sculpture Hospitality uses drilled-in reporting functionalities to find opportunities in your inventory management processes where you can drive profit growth. 

  • Reports that leverage key actionable data.
  • Comprehensive and customizable reporting.
  • Stock Efficiency Rating (to achieve the highest inventory profitability).
  • Recipe and Menu Management.
  • Cost Management (actual vs theoretical).
  • Smarter ordering.
  • Integrates with any POS.
  • Manage beverage and/or food inventory.
  • Cloud-based management.
  • Integrations with Fintech, Quickbooks, Xero, Provi and many others.
  • The ability to manage multiple venues.
  • Real people, who offer real advice in their commitment to provide your restaurant or bar with real results.

We Save Our Clients Thousands Each Year

No matter whether you are trying to improve your food inventory at your restaurant or the beverage inventory at your bar, Sculpture Hospitality has a technology solution that will improve your company’s profitability. 

Inventory losses are much higher in restaurants and bars when compared with other industries. Prevention requires a strict schedule of detailed inventories - and we provide the technology to make this easy.

Complete Visibility into Your Restaurant or Bar Inventory

Your inventory management processes are the backbone of your entire business. To achieve maximized profits, you rely on complete visibility into your inventory.

The result? Better ordering processes, reduced costs, wastage prevention and optimized menu prices, which all lead to a more profitable business.

Sculpture Hospitality Software

Our Accounting Report (which your accountant will thank you for) shows you key financials such as cost of goods revenue, purchase costs, and on-hand inventory values, while our Inventory Summary Report gives clear visibility into your company’s invoice broken down into major categories such as liquor, beer and wine for your bar.

Meanwhile, our Management Report gives you a glance into your overall weekly performance - with KPIs that you might want to look into in more detail to make actionable changes that drive profit growth.

Sculpture Hospitality’s innovative inventory management software gives you complete control and visibility of your restaurant or bar inventory.

Beverage Inventory Solution

Variance Reports That Drive Profitability

Nobody wants to waste products, especially when doing so can significantly eat into the profitability of your business.

Sculpture Hospitality uses in-depth variance reports to measure exactly where your restaurant or bar will experience inventory losses and showcases exactly what your revenue potential should be. 

Variance, which could occur from mistakes such as overpouring, overservice, spoilage or even employee theft, is comparing the inventory that is used against the inventory that is sold.

Through Sculpture Hospitality’s variance reports, your business will gain accurate insight into how much product you are paying for, how much product you are actually using and how much product you sold using an integration with your POS. You can then calculate what your overall profit is from each and every product. 

The Sculpture Summary Variance Report will give your business a quick snapshot at how you did for the defined reporting period, while our Detailed Variance Report provides a detailed breakdown of variance from a brand-by-brand, ounce-by-ounce point of view. You can use this insightful information to make strategic changes that reduce shrinkage in your bar or restaurant inventory.

Actionable Insights for Smarter Ordering

Placing orders through your restaurant or bar vendors should be strategic, not random. Our inventory management system helps you know exactly what you need, when you need it, how much it will cost and how it will impact your company’s revenue.

Bar Inventory System

Purchase Reports detail exactly what inventory your restaurant or bar ordered for the week by brand, while our Intelipar Report empowers your business to optimize on-hand stock level through periodic automatic replacement (PAR) levels - giving you insights into the exact amount of stock you should have on-hand at any given time.

Hospitality Food Inventory Management

World-Class Recipe Management

The insights you gain from successful bar and restaurant inventory management directly impact your menu. With detailed insights into product costs, you can build smarter recipes that drive customer satisfaction and boost profits. 

Track exactly how much each dish should cost by tracking ingredient-by-ingredient costs, and seamlessly updating them as they change. Use those insights to build dishes that are ideal for your business and priced for optimum sales.

Analytics and Reporting That Drive Future Growth

The only way for your bar or restaurant to truly deliver profit growth is by analyzing data, and then using that data to make strategic decisions that set you on the path for growth. After all, knowledge really is power. 

The Sculpture Hospitality inventory management software provides your business with the analytics and reports you need to understand your inventory and drive profitable growth.


Our Revenue Analysis Report provides your business with detailed used Vs. sold data to clearly show how much potential revenue was lost during the week, meanwhile the Sales Report integrated with your POS and provides sales price, quantity of product sold and a complete revenue breakdown. 

In addition, our Performance Report gives your restaurant and bar complete visibility into staff performance and how their actions  impact your revenues. For example, you can use the report to gain a snapshot of volume usage and basic financial data that breaks down ounces used, overages and shortages, revenue, as well as your actual to theoretical pour cost.


Need Help Increasing Your Restaurant or Bar Profitability?

Sculpture has hospitality experts around the world ready to help. Find your local Sculpture Hospitality consultant using our worldwide directory. 

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Our Inventory Solutions Bring a Range of Features That Will Benefit Your Organization, Such as:

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Flexibility and visibility

  • Our technology empowers you to quickly count open bottles significantly faster than you could with pen and paper.
  • Several devices can be used to split up and delegate the work.
  • Upload your inventory counts to an online dashboard, giving you complete visibility into your inventory management processes and where you can improve.

Unique scanning technologies

  • Counting inventory isn’t easy, fun or accurate in most cases - that’s why we’ve created innovative technologies to automate this process.
  • Our scanning and weighing equipment is the fastest and most accurate way to count your inventories for detailed reporting.
  • Add-ons that incorporate purchasing, sales and so much more can take your inventory counts to the next level.
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Add new products to your inventory with ease

  • Does your business have a new product in stock? No problem, you can add this item to your inventory in seconds.
  • Simply take a picture of the product and add its name to categorize your new inventory in Sculpture Hospitality’s app.
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Complete control over your inventory

  • Use our online dashboard to connect your inventory with your point-of-sale (POS) system, giving you complete visibility into each product purchased.
  • Use your dashboard analytics to make smart decisions for your establishment.

Become More Profitable

Are you looking for more information on how Sculpture Hospitality’s innovative technology can save your restaurant or bar money, improve inventory efficiencies and, ultimately, make you more profitable? Get in touch with us today!

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