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Owning a Sculpture Franchise - The Quick Start Guide

Owning a Sculpture Franchise - The Quick Start Guide

Do you love the bar and restaurant industry, but you’re ready to give up the long hours that come with it? If so, you may be considering buying your own hospitality franchise business.

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World-Class Food and Beverage Inventory Management Solutions

Through a mutual passion for the hospitality industry, Sculpture Hospitality was founded in 1987 with the aim of helping bars and restaurants realize the profits they deserve. 

Sculpture Hospitality was the first company in the inventory management market, pioneering efficiencies in the bar and restaurant inventory control process and helping businesses to drive profit growth. Since then, we have developed new state-of-the-art, innovative inventory management software solutions that are changing the game for hospitality companies around the world. 

Restaurant and Bar inventory management solutions

What We Do

Food and beverage inventory management is our focus and passion. As the pioneers in the hospitality inventory business, Sculpture Hospitality detects and resolves challenges in all phases of inventory: counting, controlling, ordering, and inventory analytics, using data to help operators make better management decisions faster.

Our Technology
Food and beverage inventory management software

We Have Helped Over 50,000 Bars Since 1987

With 370+ offices and over 30 years of service, our reach extends to 35 countries working with over 50,000 bar, restaurant, nightclub and hotel operators.

Our clients vary from all categories: multi-unit bar and restaurant groups, neighborhood taverns, bowling alleys, nightclubs, concert venues, hotels, gentlemen's clubs, amusement parks, and national chain restaurant accounts to name a few. 

bar inventory management solutions

We have service options that range from full-service in-house option, to a shared inventory responsibilities option, and even a self-serve option. In fact, Sculpture Hospitality service options are entirely customizable depending on your company’s specific needs and budget. 

Our full-service, white glove option will see our local inventory experts take care of your company’s entire inventory process to ensure your company is achieving its profit and loss goals. We also have a range of customizable service levels, from shared responsibilities to complete do-it-yourself programs.

Our solutions have revolutionized inventory processes for a significant number of hospitality businesses - no matter their budget.


Do You Want to Run Your Very Own Franchise?

If you love the bar and restaurant industry, but are ready to work for yourself, then a franchise opportunity might be right for you.

There’s no better way to mix business with pleasure than owning a Sculpture Hospitality franchise.

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Our Inventory Management Process for Optimum ROI

Whether you own a restaurant or bar, managing your inventory is difficult. You need to improve the process of purchasing and ordering to ensure you aren’t wasting money, you need to know what is selling and what isn’t, and you need to create profitable recipes to optimize your margins. 

It’s for that reason Sculpture Hospitality was born. We have created unique beverage and food inventory management technologies and partnered with local industry experts to significantly enhance your company’s profits.

Bar and restaurant inventory management software

Bars can increase top line sales by 7-15 percent and reduce inventory asset losses from 15-30 percent down to 3 percent or better using our proven methods and strategies: adhering to a strict schedule of detailed inventories, comparing usage to sales, monitoring variances instead of pour costs and using just-in-time ordering.

We begin each client relationship with a series of confidential discovery audits to gather data and determine areas of opportunity within your bar or restaurant's inventory management processes for our service. From this process, we can mutually determine ROI for our various service and product offers, set goals and agree on strategies to improve results.

Our mission is to help bar owners make money while earning a profit, so we only recommend the service solutions that yield the most optimum opportunity for ROI for you.

Most importantly, we help improve your food and beverage inventory management process through our extensive range of local hospitality experts who are able to visit your restaurant or bar in person. With experts all over the world, we are able to provide your company with unparalleled expertise and knowledge of your company’s unique market.

Our highly knowledgeable inventory management specialists will help you implement state-of-the-art strategies that ensure your business is profitable.