Bar & Restaurant Stories

Bar & Restaurant Stories

Do you want to find out how Sculpture Hospitality has benefited clients across the hospitality industry with our innovative beverage and food inventory management solutions? Having worked with a range of companies from sports bars, pubs, concert venues, hotels, bowling alleys, restaurants and nightclubs, we have a variety of client success stories for you to read.

Find out how we have improved efficiencies, boosted profits and enhanced inventory management processes at the companies we've partnered with.

Pint House

Pint House, a bar in Columbus, Ohio, started using Sculpture Hospitality’s Beverage solution in 2013. The bar’s parent company, Corso Ventures, can no longer operate any of its bars or managing its staff without Sculpture. That’s because Sculpture has improved the Pint House’s profit by $9,445 per week, improved variance to 18% and improved its average shrinkage from 21% down to 3% or less.

Sculpture is very much a people business. The company does a great job of combining their technology and decades of experience in providing us with valuable information on the operations of our bars.

- Chris Corso, owner of Corso Ventures, which owns Pint House

Vaughan Hospitality Group

With six restaurants located in downtown Chicago, restaurateurs Kevin Vaughan and his brother, Eamonn, rely on using the Sculpture Hospitality beverage inventory solution every week. Vaughan Hospitality Group (VHG) uses the Beverage solutions to not only control inventory but to also manage its 180 employees. 

By using Sculpture Hospitality’s beverage solution, VHG has realized benefits such as:

15% inventory variance improvement
$1,200 estimated profit improvement per week, per venue
85% of managers meet their bonus goals