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Franchise 500 - 2023

Do you love the bar and restaurant industry but are ready to give up the late hours? 

A franchise opportunity might be right for you, and there’s no better way to mix business with pleasure than owning a Sculpture Hospitality franchise.

Entrepreneur magazine even ranked us multiple times as one of the top franchises in the world. In 2021, we were ranked on the Franchise 500 (#348), the Top Low-Cost Franchise (#29), and the Top Global franchise (#88). In 2023, we were ranked on the Franchise 500 (#384).

If you like working for yourself, have a drive for success and want to work with a reputed brand in the hospitality industry, there’s no better solution than owning a franchise with Sculpture Hospitality.

Enjoy working from home or a bar stool in a proven, recession-resistant industry.

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Work with an established brand

Be in control of your own business.

Lower the risks of launching a new business by following our proven concept

Receive training and on-going support from Sculpture

Be trusted to drive forward our proven business concept and product offerings.

And much more!


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Why Sculpture Hospitality?

As you probably know, it’s difficult to control inventory in restaurants and bars. Losses from over-pouring and theft almost always amount to 20% or more of a bar’s inventory – a much higher shrinkage rate than the 1.5% losses found in most other industries. Eliminating these losses requires detailed inventory management tools and skills that most very few bars and restaurants have.

As a result, most establishments are losing $1,000 every week that Sculpture franchisees help them recover.

Sculpture helps hospitality companies put simple, integrated systems in place to make inventory and back office management easy.

Our tools help businesses find ways to save time and money, but our franchisees are the real heroes. You make the process painless and help owners and operators bridge the gap between knowing and doing, so they have more time to spend on what really counts.

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Sculpture Provides You With:

Coaching and training programs
We value expanding our company with the right people, processes, training, technology and leadership. To do that effectively Sculpture Hospitality has designed our training and coaching to be hands-on and supported by local management in each market, delivered through classes in our corporate office in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. We also have online modules and in-market training provided by local Regional Directors.
Digital marketing
Our expert team of digital marketers work with you to produce an online presence for your franchise through inbound marketing, PR, social media, targeted ads, SEO and digital strategies designed to get our franchisees noticed. We use the best online marketing platform available and have world class websites, all supported internally by our corporate marketing team. Access to a marketing strategy will help you attract new customers.
A range of inventory solutions
We offer a range of restaurant and bar inventory management products and services because when evaluating a restaurant’s need for an efficient inventory management solution, there is no cookie cutter solution. We offer mobile inventory apps for customers that want to manage some or all of the inventory process in-house and kitchen inventory for clients looking for help with their food costs.
Unmatched industry reach and expertise
At over 370 franchise offices in 35 countries, we are the only global inventory service for hospitality. Working with over 50,000 bars and restaurants of all categories, we understand inventory from a unique position of experience and expertise. Our systems integrate with all the primary POS systems, and we have key relationships with strategic industry vendors to share leads and integrations.

Owning a Sculpture Franchise - The Quick Start Guide

Do you love the bar and restaurant industry, but you’re ready to give up the long hours that come with it?

If so, you may be considering buying your own hospitality franchise business.

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The Process

Becoming a Sculpture Hospitality Franchisee

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1. Speak with a franchise developer

When you request more information by completing our online form, you will be contacted by the Sculpture Hospitality franchise developer. This person can answer your initial questions, identify the potential for a Sculpture Hospitality franchise in your area, and help determine if there may be a mutual fit for you within our organization.

Step 1

2. Candidate application

Send over your application to Sculpture Hospitality to find out if your experience is the right fit for our innovative solutions.

Step 2

3. Discovery day

Qualified candidates are invited to join us on a discovery day with the regional franchise developer in your area. You’ll have the opportunity to experience our brand in action and preview the technologies and systems that help our franchisees build their businesses.

Step 3

4. Validation and legal review

The prospect of buying a franchise is an exciting possibility; however, we require that you give the matter serious consideration by waiting at least ten days after orientation to finalize the paperwork.

Step 4

5. Training & Support

Once you’ve purchased your franchise, you will attend a week of training at our corporate training facility. During training, our team will coach you through our systems and procedures, as well as marketing, technology and business planning. After your initial week, you will receive follow-up training and ongoing in-market support from your local Regional Director.

Step 5
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How Much is a Franchise Investment?

We have a range of territory sizes you can choose from with lucrative opportunities available across the globe. Find a franchise option that best fits you and your location.

Investment needed to start a Sculpture franchise:

150 Establishments
Starting at $25,000
250 Establishments
Starting at $30,000
500 Establishments
Starting at $40,000

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