What Our Clients Say...

Great feedback like this.. is the icing on our cake, the fizz in our gin, the mojo in our mojito.. Here's a flight of customer stories, quotes, videos and more on our innovative restaurant and bar inventory management solutions. 

Saint John Ale House
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Learn how Sculpture Hospitality helped Saint John Ale House in New Brunswick reduce its pour cost by 7%. The reduction in pour costs directly contributed to a significant decrease in expenses and a boost in profitability.

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In this business, liquor and beer are liquid gold for us and to be missing any piece of it will hurt our bottom line. And that is where Sculpture Hospitality has really helped us.

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After fifteen+ years of using their services, we can't imagine handling our bars' high volume of employees and patrons without Sculpture! Sculpture is heavily involved in our ordering process at all locations.

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I have Sculpture to thank for giving me the ability to open a second location. Once we made the decision to open the second place, one of my first calls was to our local Sculpture representative. They helped with opening inventory, training and getting started on the right foot. Charles Houk, Owner of Southern Junction Nightclub & Steakhouse.

Malones Grille
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Sculpture has carried itself throughout the entire restaurant. Because the bartenders are being monitored, the wait staff and kitchen staff have become aware of their own usage.

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We have been working with Sculpture hospitality for many years, and their service has provided us with the tools to help capture more dollars, as well as strategically incentivize our team members so we can all be successful. In my opinion, It's a no brainer in the bar business.

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Sculpture is very much a people business. The company does a great job of combining their technology and decades of experience in providing us with valuable information on the operations of our bars.

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Sculpture is a vital part of our business. We use it in over 50 locations, and the shrinkage it prevents saves us an extra 4-6% on our bottom line annually! We love Sculpture!

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The Sculpture Hospitality team have been working with me for the past 4 years. The weekly bar inventory audits & monthly kitchen stock takes provide the Mano’s team with all the data we need to improve our operational efficiency & bottom line.

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I’ve been using Sculpture’s service for a few months now. I will never stop using this service. the Sculpture team got my liquor percentages in a place that I've never seen in the 22 years I’ve been in the hospitality business. My costs are down, my profits are up, and my staff is on point more than ever. I recommend this service to everyone that owns, manages, and/or runs a restaurant/bar. For the amount this service costs, it comes back 50 fold in just a few short weeks. I’d be happy to share my reports with anyone that is interested in joining the Sculpture team!

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Since they have started working with Hotel Fort Gary (over 20 years ago), the accuracy of the liquor inventory counts has increased and shortages have almost eliminated. Sculpture had proven themselves to be a precise and dedicated supplier.

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Been using Sculpture for a number of years now. I can say they have saved my business thousands of dollars over that period of time. My employees are also proud when we have consistently high inventory scores and that builds to a better team atmosphere.