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Malone's Grille

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The Challenge

Founded in 1980 in Santa Cruz, California, Malone’s Grille, a lively Irish pub was owned and operated by the Malone’s Family. In 2016, Jennee and Taylor Fontana, a Scotts Valley local family, bought Malone’s Grille and transformed it into an award-winning American gastropub. Juggling two businesses, four kids, and a baby on the way, it wasn’t long before the inventory data at Malone’s Grille was steadily growing out of control. After completing and reviewing P&L reports, it was clear that numbers weren’t adding up and they needed to find an immediate solution.

When Sculpture stepped in and took over, profit margins began to steadily improve, costly waste was reduced and stock shortages were no longer. However, like most, Jennee and Taylor stopped using Sculpture’s services during the Covid-19 Pandemic. When restaurants and bars shifted to the “new normal” they were able to re-open Malone’s Grille and begin working with Sculpture once more.

Without Sculpture, their business had reverted back to square one, and they were shocked to find they were missing approximately $6000 worth of alcohol.


About The Owners

Restaurateurs Jennee Greg and financé Taylor Fontana have owned and operated Malone’s Grille, a gastropub in Santa Cruz, California since 2015. You can expect to find over 24 beers on draft, 180 different whiskeys and New American dishes with a twist of Asian and Hawaiian cuisine making up the majority of the menu


The Outcome

Before working with Sculpture, Malone’s Grill had a grade of F and a Sculpture rating of 82.3%. Currently, they are graded at a B+ with a Sculpture rating of 95%. Jennee credits Sculpture with keeping her staff open and honest. “Sculpture has carried itself throughout the entire restaurant. Because the bartenders are being monitored, the wait staff and kitchen staff have become aware of their own usage,” said Jennee. “Staff are more careful and meticulous with pouring costs because they know that the pour costs are being monitored and someone is always around watching and keeping tabs on logistics. It has made all the difference.”

Once the world started opening up and shifted to the “new normal”, Jennee and Taylor re-hired Sculpture and found that not only were they missing approximately $6000 worth of alcohol, they estimate that during Covid they were at a 28% pour cost, and after Sculpture, are now sitting at a 16% pour cost. 

Working with Sculpture completely changed their lives by not only saving them thousands of dollars, but giving them access to trustworthy, knowledgeable and caring experts that did the work for them, saved them time, and completely alleviated unnecessary stress. It has provided them help with loss prevention, inventory management, ordering, training and advice, so it’s not shocking to find that Taylor and Jennee have purchased a franchise of their own.

“It’s a great program, so it was the obvious choice to purchase after we learned the franchisees in our area were selling their territory,” says Jennee.

"When I am completing audits for clients week to week, I look at how much we charge and then compare that to how much they are still saving overall while working with us. The numbers prove that working with Sculpture is a no-brainer."


Malone's had phenomenal results implementing Sculpture into their restaurant. 


Pour cost BEFORE Sculpture


Pour cost AFTER Sculpture

Working with Sculpture has completely changed our lives! Not only saving thousands of dollars, but by giving us access to trustworthy, knowledgeable, and caring experts that did the work for us, saved us time, and completely alleviated unnecessary stress.


Jennee Greg

Malone's Grille


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