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Combining Innovative Technology With Expert, On-Hand Expertise

Many bar and restaurant owners turn to technology to solve their inventory management challenges. And while technology is key, it’s probably not the answer to all of your inventory management concerns.

Technology is a significant improvement on manual processes and calculations, but it needs to be used correctly - and efficiently.

That’s why Sculpture Hospitality is different from other inventory management system providers.

"We are not a tech company that provides service, we are a service company that provides amazing technology." - Vanessa De Caria, President & CEO of Sculpture Hospitality

Not only have we developed an easy-to-use bar inventory management system and our innovative Sculpture Hospitality Dashboard, we also have a team of local industry experts to help you successfully implement, and manage your inventory.

The Sculpture Hospitality experts are on hand to offer your business in-person (or virtual) consultation and support, to ensure that your restaurant or bar is maximizing your inventory management technology.

We strive to help your business save time, improve ROI and, most importantly, increase your profitability.


The Sculpture Hospitality Dashboard

Our new visually-appealing Dashboard features comprehensive and customizable reporting.


By capturing and displaying purchases, sales, and inventory data across your business in easy-to-read graphs and charts, the Sculpture Hospitality Dashboard gives you complete insight into how your business is performing and where you can make revenue improvements. The dashboard breaks down into four main categories.

Overview: This is a snapshot of your entire business, from the cost of your on-hand inventory, historical revenue, historical purchases, used inventory cost, sales and actual Vs. ideal gross margin.

Variance: A focus on your bar or restaurant inventory. The Variance tab gives you insight into every area of your business where you are missing inventory, based on theoretical usage compared with actual usage - giving you complete insight into where your business is losing money.

Inventory: Gain complete control and visibility into your food and beverage inventory with the Inventory tab on the Sculpture Hospitality Dashboard. See how much inventory your restaurant or bar has on hand, the cost of your used inventory and how much dead stock or slow moving stock your restaurant has on its shelves.

Purchases: The Purchases tab within the Sculpture Hospitality Dashboard looks at your company’s purchases over a single period, comparing this data to previous purchase periods. Learn how much you have purchased by class, what you have purchased with each vendor, how prices for inventory products have fluctuated over time and what your suggested (ideal) purchases are for any specific period. 

Sales: Want to see exactly how your business or bar is performing? The Dashboard Sales tab will do just that. Easy to read analytics will show your revenue for the inventory period, gross profit, gross margin, ideal COGS, and your business’s best and worst revenue generators.

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Our powerful tracking and reporting systems will help you reduce over-pour, shrinkage and food waste, putting your profits back where they belong.

Gain Complete Visibility Into Your Restaurant and Bar Inventory

Sculpture Hospitality

Looking for more control and visibility of your restaurant or bar inventory management data? The combination of Sculpture Hospitality Experts and technology will give your business an overall snapshot of how your entire company is performing, whether you are the owner of one bar location or you run a chain/multinational restaurant business.

Dive down into your key performance indicators on a more granular level to further understand exactly where your restaurant or bar is performing well, and how profitability can be improved.

Boosting profitability at your bar or restaurant is all about using analytics to make smarter, and more strategic, inventory decisions.

Find Where Your Restaurant or Bar is Losing Money Through Missing Inventory

Looking for analytics that will give you insight into exactly where your restaurant or bar is losing money through missing products?

Based on your inventory usage data, Sculpture Hospitality will help you understand where you are experiencing variance from your theoretical inventory usage data Vs. your actually usage data.

Scupture inventory weighing


Optimize Profit Margins by Managing Food and Beverage Inventory Effectively

Gain complete control and visibility of your food or beverage inventory by collating your inventory counts into one easy-to-use inventory management system. One you’ve done this, the Sculpture Hospitality Dashboard will run a series of formulas that give you complete oversight of your inventory.

You’ll be able to clearly see your on-hand inventory, the cost of that on-hand inventory, what products are classified as dead stock or slow moving, as well as a stock efficiency rating that will guide you towards more strategic decisions moving forward.


Build Smarter Ordering Processes With PAR Levels to Reduce Costs

Does your restaurant or bar struggle from no real insight into how much of each product and stock item you should be ordering during your inventory accounting period?

With Sculpture Hospitality, you can better understand ideal purchase orders based the actual inventory usage of your restaurant or bar. 

Your period replacement (PAR) level will give you accurate insight into how much of each specific product you should be ordering in each inventory period.

The result? You’ll have the right inventory on-hand at all times, helping your business to save money and reduce deadstock.

Sculpture Hospitality
Learn How Your Business is Performing With Insightful Sales Data

Sculpture Hospitality helps your business gain complete visibility into how your business is performing through analytics such as revenue, used inventory cost, gross profit, ideal cost of goods sold (cogs), and much more!

We help you better understand your sales data, so you can make the most impactful changes that will drive your venue’s profitability. Sculpture Hospitality is here to help guide your business to more profitable growth.

Become More Profitable

Are you looking for more information on how Sculpture Hospitality’s innovative technology can save your restaurant or bar money, improve inventory efficiencies and, ultimately, make you more profitable? Get in touch with us today!

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