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Case Study

Short North Pint House & Beer Garden

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The Challenge

Based in Columbus Ohio, The Short North Pint House first opened in 2013 and started using Sculpture Hospitality after hearing from other operators about the successes that they have had with Sculpture.

The Short North Pint House utilizes Sculpture Hospitality to improve its overall profitability as a business, as well as help them with a sales tax audit at one of their older locations.

Before Owner Chris Corso started using Sculpture Hospitality at the bar, the business was experiencing significantly high shrinkage rates. In fact, the bar’s shrinkage numbers were coming in at a staggering 21% loss.

“We now utilize Sculpture for our ordering process, along with tracking the inventory to ensure its accountability,” says Chris Corso.

“The reports show us definitively by each brand how much inventory is on hand, how much was used and how much was sold. We know exactly how much inventory is missing for each brand of liquor, wine, bottle of beer and draft beer in the house.”

The Short North Pint House
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About The Owners

Corso Ventures, founded by Chris Corso, has been managing bars, nightclubs and restaurants in Columbus for over 20 years. This group is one of the most successful in Columbus, operating some of the most dynamic and popular clubs in the city.

With two restaurants in the Short North, Corso Ventures have come to rely on Sculpture every week.


The Outcome

Since using Sculpture Hospitality, The Short North Pint House has dramatically reduced shrinkage rates.

They are now consistently under 3%, allowing the business to make back at least 20 times the annual cost of Sculpture’s cost of service.

And it’s not just Sculpture’s technology and process that adds value to The Short North Pint House.

"Sculpture is very much a people business. The company does a great job of combining their technology and decades of experience in providing us with valuable information on the operations of our bars," says Chris Corso.

“Their system of matching up sales to usage really shows us how well the staff is doing. It’s much better than when we just used to simply calculate our pour costs years ago.” 

“Regardless of the size of your bar and how much you feel you are involved, you will save much more than their fee in improved cost of goods sold, better cost and ordering controls, reduced theft and waste and increased sales.”

Pint House Gallery

By using Sculpture Hospitality, Short North Pint House & Beer Garden has realized significant benefits. 


Profit Improvement Per Week


Variance Improvement


Current Average Shrinkage

After using Sculpture since 2023 at all of our locations, we can't imagine operating any of our bars and managing our staff without Sculpture.


Chris Corso

The Short North Pint House


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