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Case Study

Saint John Ale House

Learn how Sculpture Hospitality, a worldwide inventory management solutions provider that specializes in helping bars and restaurants across the hospitality sector to become more efficient and profitable, helped Saint John Ale House in New Brunswick reduce its pour cost and increase its profit margins.


The Challenge

Jesse Vergen, Chef Owner of Saint John Ale House, had been struggling with inefficient liquor inventory practices for years.

Despite utilizing his management team and conducting monthly inventories, the process was plagued with inefficiencies. Orders were passed around among the bar staff, leading to a lack of accountability and a sense of detachment from the inventory management process.

Most importantly, when Jesse Vergen initially reached out to Sculpture Hospitality in 2008, one of the pressing issues he faced was an alarmingly high pour cost percentage of around 38%. This meant that a significant portion of the bar’s liquor inventory was being wasted or improperly measured, leading to a notable hit on the company’s profit margins.

It was clear that a change was needed to regain control over inventory and streamline operations.

Saint John Ale House
“My favourite feature of Sculpture Hospitality is the fact that it’s service based. We actually have people coming in. We’re dealing with the management team, they are giving us updates, we are on text threads with them and it’s a real personalized service for our business.”
- Jesse Vergen, Chef Owner of Saint John Ale House
Jess Vergen

The Solution

Upon partnering with Sculpture Hospitality, Jesse Vergen and Geoff Loukes - the Sculpture Inventory Consultant working with Saint John Ale House - found an innovative solution to their inventory management challenges.

Not only did Sculpture Hospitality help Saint John Ale House implement and use its innovative inventory software designed specifically for bars and restaurants, the personalized service provided by Sculpture Hospitality stood out as a key feature.

Through regular communication, updates, and text threads, the management team at Sculpture Hospitality worked closely with Jesse and his team, ensuring they received real-time information on any issues or irregularities with their orders.

This collaborative approach allowed Saint John Ale House to make the most of their inventory system investment, allowing the business to gain valuable guidance from external experts and make more informed business decisions.

Highlighting the multitude of ways in which the industry can lose money, Jesse Vergen enthusiastically recommends Sculpture Hospitality to other food and beverage businesses as a solution to stop that bleeding.

Rather than simply outsourcing a service, Jesse views the partnership with Sculpture Hospitality as a genuine collaboration aimed at enhancing the profitability of Saint John Ale House.

Partnership with Sculpture

“Sculpture Hospitality has allowed us to take a step back. It allows someone with outside eyes to give us some guidance, so that we can make better business decisions.”

- Jesse Vergen, Chef Owner of Saint John Ale House

The Outcome

The implementation of Sculpture Hospitality's solution yielded remarkable results for Saint John Ale House.

Within the first year of utilizing their services, the establishment was able to lower its pour cost percentage by an impressive 7%. The reduction in pour costs directly contributed to a significant decrease in expenses and a boost in profitability.

Sculpture Hospitality's involvement also led to the establishment of a streamlined process for taking inventory and weighing liquor bottles.

This improvement in accuracy provided Saint John Ale House with better visibility and control over their inventory levels. The resulting availability of reliable and detailed data empowered the management team to make data-driven decisions, leading to enhanced operational efficiency, optimized resource allocation and an increase in profit margins. 

For Saint John Ale House, Sculpture Hospitality acted as a crucial checkpoint, ensuring profitability and minimizing the impact of theft and wastage. 

By establishing a strong partnership, embracing personalized service, and providing expert guidance, Sculpture Hospitality enabled the establishment to regain control over their inventory, reduce costs, and improve profitability. 

This success story serves as a testament to the value of efficient inventory management solutions for businesses in the food and beverage industry.

Saint John Ale House Case Study

Saint John Ale House had phenomenal results implementing Sculpture into their restaurant. 


Reduction in pour cost

I would definitely recommend Sculpture Hospitality to anybody else that is in the food and beverage business. There are so many ways to lose money in this industry, and this is a way to stop that bleeding. I would not operate without Sculpture Hospitality being a part of our business.


Jesse Vergen

Chef Owner of Saint John Ale House


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