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Glenn Graham


Sculpture Hospitality, New South Wales

Competing in such a competitive industry as hospitality it has never been more essential to ensure that you are operating at the top of your game. Sculpture Hospitality Australia has years of experience providing solutions to venue owners to optimise their margins and maximise their profitability which is why we are recognised as the market leader in profit improvement.


Our team, who each own their own business, all have operated in the industry over many years and know the challenges that venues each face. We will work with you to make better decisions and provide solutions by identifying the opportunities that exist in each unique business, sharing and introducing industry best practice.


Our goal is to provide visibility where margins are below where they should be and provide solutions to increase profitability. This will happen through a variety of ways from analysing both your costs and retail pricing to help identify a pricing strategy for your business, we will look at your stock turns and identify the right level of stock holding as well as the “dead stock” that is affecting your cashflow.


Our team will provide you with advice and coaching to help you ensure that industry best standards are operating in your business. We will provide you with professional independent and unbiased advice that we have gathered from working across all sectors of the industry.

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Why the hell would you do it any other way!! Accurate, efficient and trustworthy. All the facts figures I need without the hassle.

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Luke Anderson
The Coopers Hotel

Case Studies

Read real-life stories of how Sculpture Hospitality is helping bars and restaurants achieve more profit using our innovative restaurant and bar inventory management solutions. 


Sculpture Hospitality helped Saint John Ale House in New Brunswick reduce its pour cost by 7%. The reduction in pour costs boosts profitability.


Sculpture Hospitality helped Vaughn Hospitality Group reach 15% inventory variance improvements resulting in an additional $1200 per week in profit. 


Malones estimate that during Covid they were at a 28% pour cost, and after Sculpture, are now sitting at a 16% pour cost reducing it's pour cost by 12%. 


Short North Pint House & Beer Garden consistently achieves under 3% shrinkage, allowing the business to make back 20X the annual cost of Sculpture's service.

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Sculpture Hospitality offers a unique, expert audit, in which we count and weigh every single item in your bar or restaurants inventory.

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Glenn Graham


Sculpture Hospitality, New South Wales


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