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Sculpture Hospitality Australia & New Zealand

Driven by a Passion for the Hospitality Industry

Sculpture Hospitality was founded in 1987 by a team of highly-experienced and passionate hospitality industry experts who understood the needs of the industry. 

Our experience in the industry means we know first-hand just how hard it can be for venue owners and operating companies to create a successful inventory management process. That’s why Sculpture Hospitality has become a a full single solution for your restaurant or bar’s inventory needs.

We make technology easy. One of the most difficult tasks when it comes to managing your restaurant or bar is adopting new trends and technologies that will ensure your business stays profitable. Learning new technology, integrating new technologies together and keeping up with what is a fast-paced industry can be stressful. 



Custom Solutions to Fit Your Bar or Restaurant

We have a variety of service levels that can be fully customised to your company’s specific needs. Our full service option is a white glove service where we can be fully hands-on to ensure your company is achieving its profit and loss goals, while our self-service option gives you more control of how you want to use our innovative technologies. Regardless of the solution you choose, you will have a local hospitality expert to support you every step of the way.

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More Profit in Every Glass

Are you looking to improve your bar’s beverage inventory processes? Sculpture Hospitality’s proven methods and innovative technology is here to help. By using Sculpture for your beverage inventory, your business can:

  • Significantly reduce your losses and maximise your profitability
  • Ensure that the cash you have invested in stock is maximising your Return on Investment
  • Implement correct processes and systems to monitor and manage all facets of your inventory

See all the features and benefits of our beverages solution.

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More Profit on Every Plate

Do you want to identify strategies that will prevent your restaurant from creating excess waste and discarding profits? With Sculpture Hospitality's innovative food inventory solution, your business can:

  • Get wiser about food waste, our Inventory Experts will guide you in reclaiming up to 4 percent of your food cost
  • Sculpture Hospitality can help you save thousands each year by reducing food spoilage and inefficient inventory control processes
  • Do you want to make more profit on every plate? Of course you do, our innovative technology solution can help you improve margins and manage recipes, helping your restaurant business to get the profits it deserves

See all the features and benefits of our food solution.

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Local People. Real Results.

Sculpture Hospitality is driven by passionate partnerships, with local industry experts who understand the expertise required in hospitality.

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Our Technology

The hospitality industry is fast paced. Keeping up with the technologies and trends needed to ensure your business stays profitable isn’t easy. That’s where Sculpture Hospitality will help, our passion for restaurants and bars across the hospitality sector, combined with our unique and innovative technology, can help save your business thousands upon thousands of dollars each year.

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Our Analytics

Use our dashboard analytics to make smart decisions for your establishment.

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Our Blog

What’s up? Here’s the latest news from Sculpture Hospitality, including the events we’re attending.

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Schedule a Consultation

Sculpture Hospitality offers a unique, expert audit, in which we count and weigh every single item in your bar or restaurant’s inventory.

Our South Pacific Team

Local Experts Supporting You Every Step of the Way. What makes Sculpture Hospitality unique is our network of hospitality experts ready to help you every step of the way to maximize your inventory profitability.

Our team will provide you with advice and coaching to help you ensure that industry best standards are operating in your business. We will provide you with professional independent and unbiased advice that we have gathered from working across all sectors of the industry.

Peter Nelson
Managing Director, Sculpture Hospitality - New Zealand, Australia & South Pacific Islands
Brent Matchett
Hospitality Consultant - Queensland, Australia
Glenn Graham
Hospitality Consultant - New South Wales, Australia
Greg Hughston
Hospitality Consultant - New South Wales, Australia
Elliot Pogonoski
Hospitality Consultant - New South Wales, Australia
Patrick Chivers
Hospitality Consultant - Australian Capital Territory, Australia
Brad Legassick
Hospitality Consultant - Gold Coast, Australia
Peter Clark
Hospitality Consultant - Victoria, Australia
Scott Chivers
Hospitality Consultant - New South Wales, Australia
Christian Piacentini
Hospitality Consultant - Perth, Australia
Daymien Clydesdale
Hospitality Consultant - Wollongong, Australia
Craig Leathley
Hospitality Consultant - Taranaki / Manawatu, New Zealand
Mark Goodin
Hospitality Consultant - Waikato, New Zealand
Tim Dresner
Hospitality Consultant - Bay of Plenty, New Zealand
Gareth Hollows
Hospitality Consultant - Auckland, New Zealand
Menz Pearce
Hospitality Consultant - Wellington, New Zealand

What Our Clients Say

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Mick Ellison, Owner

Mano’s Bar & Grill

My focus is the customers & service, the Sculpture team gives me the freedom & time to do that… They have been working with me for the past 4 years. The weekly bar inventory audits & monthly kitchen stock takes provide the Mano’s team with all the data we need to improve our operational efficiency & bottom line. Sculpture Hospitality’s reliable & consistent service delivery allows the Mano’s team to focus on customer service, preparation & promotions. Leaving the drudgery of stock takes & spreadsheets to the experts!