The Sculpture Hospitality Dashboard

Food and Beverage Inventory Analytics That Drive Profit Growth

Beverage inventory management software

Are you looking for a solution that gives you insightful and actionable food and liquor inventory insights? Do you want to boost the profitability of your bar or restaurant? 

The Sculpture Hospitality Dashboard is here to help.

Our innovative Dashboard reporting functionality gives bar and restaurant owners clear visibility into how their business is currently performing.

The Sculpture Hospitality Dashboard offers a comprehensive view of all the data that your business collects, in an interactive, meaningful way. We provide digestible insights that allow your business to focus on what’s most important - driving profitable growth.

Insightful Data That Improves Your Profit Margins

By using accurate counts and weights of an establishment’s food and beverage inventory, the Sculpture Hospitality Dashboard creates insightful and actionable reports that help hospitality owners improve the profitability of their business.


The dashboard offers the most accurate restaurant and bar inventory management analysis on the market, with features such as:

  • Stock Efficiency Rating
  • Recipe and Menu Management
  • Cost Management
  • Cost Fluctuation Report
  • Smart ordering
  • Cloud-based management
  • POS integration, as well as integrations with Fentech, Quickbooks, Xero, Provi and many more.
  • Multi-venue management And much much more!

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Our powerful tracking and reporting systems will help you reduce over-pour, shrinkage and food waste, putting your profits back where they belong.

All the Data You Need on One Centralized Platform

Printed reports are great for providing a snapshot of data at a specific point in time, but there’s no doubt that they can be both limiting and overwhelming.

That’s why we’ve designed the Sculpture Hospitality Dashboard to allow restaurant and bar managers to move away from paper-based reports.

With the Sculpture Hospitality Dashboard, your business no longer has to sift through a bunch of PDFs that go back years to analyze the performance of your business. We save everything in one centralized, easy-to-use dashboard so that you can make real-time decisions that improve your profitability.

The Sculpture Hospitality Dashboard provides your business with all the data you need to understand total venue profitability, so that your management team can focus their time on the core competencies that increase top line revenue.

Gain Visibility into Where You Are Missing Inventory

Based on theoretical inventory usage compared with actual inventory usage, the Sculpture Hospitality Dashboard’s Variance tab gives your business insights into where you are losing money through missing inventory.

Here you will be able to gain visibility and control over your inventory, with insights into product shrinkage at a class, category and brand level, as well as loss leaders, loss at cost, revenue potential and other important KPIs.

The variance tab ensures that your venue has the data it needs to reduce product loss and drive up profit margins.


2021-onhandA Comprehensive View of How Your Inventory is Performing

Your inventory is your investment into profitable growth. So why wouldn’t you manage it effectively and ensure that your business is maximizing its profits?

Well, with the Sculpture Hospitality Dashboard you can. This Dashboard tab gives your venue complete visibility into your inventory and how it’s performing, including how much inventory you have on hand, top 10 dead and slow-moving items, the cost of your used inventory, the speed in which stock is moving off your shelves and more.

Here you can analyze what’s not moving and what is moving in your venue, so that you can start to focus on the items that make you the most profits.

Reduce Spend by Improving How You Manage Your Purchases

When it comes to saving money, having visibility into past purchases and how costs have risen over time is critical. You can only make better purchasing decisions, and vendor partnerships, when you know how much you’re spending.

That’s why the Sculpture Hospitality Dashboard gives you insights into the inventory you’ve purchased with each vendor, how much you have purchased by class, your ideal purchase amount for each product and price fluctuations over time for each product.

When you know how much you are spending on your inventory, you can make better purchasing and pricing decisions that boost your venue’s overall profitability.


Your period replacement (PAR) level will give you accurate insight into how much of each specific product you should be ordering in each inventory period. The result? You’ll have the right inventory on-hand at all times, helping your business to save money and reduce deadstock.

food and laptop Pull Valuable Insights From Your Point-of-Sale System

The Sculpture Hospitality Dashboard integrates with your Point-of-Sale (POS) system to pull critical information that gives you critical insights into your venue’s sales performance.

The Dashboard’s innovative Sales Tab displays key figures specific to profit, revenue, and sales for your business. Find out your top 10 items by gross margin percent, top 10 by revenue, to 10 by profit, and top 10 by volume sold, and flip it so you can also see the poorest performers in each category.

These key sales metrics break your revenues down by classification, allowing you to focus your time and effort towards your most profitable items.

Want to Learn More?

The Sculpture Hospitality Dashboard has been designed specifically for restaurant and bar owners to gain more visibility into the performance of their business, through insightful food and beverage inventory analytics. 

That’s why you can access the dashboard at no additional cost to your current Sculpture Hospitality plan. 

Don’t forget, our team of highly-experienced and local bar and restaurant inventory management specialists are here to help you every step of the way. Need help setting the Dashboard up or want to understand how you can dive into any of these analytics on a more granular level? They would love to help!

With Sculpture Hospitality’s specialized guidance, we work with your management team to help them become aware of how to minimize loss opportunities, tighten operational processes and thereby yield great results! 

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Whether you use the Sculpture Hospitality Dashboard yourself or you leverage the help of our locally-based experts, your restaurant or bar is sure to have all the analytics it needs to boost profitability.

Become More Profitable

Are you looking for more information on how Sculpture Hospitality’s innovative technology can save your restaurant or bar money, improve inventory efficiencies and, ultimately, make you more profitable? Get in touch with us today!

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