Restaurant Inventory Management

Find More Profit on Every Plate With a Restaurant Inventory Management Solution

Are you looking to bring clarity to your kitchen performance by identifying strategies to resolve food cost problems?

You are not alone. Many of the chefs we talk to here at Sculpture Hospitality are unaware they need a good food inventory management program. A large number of chefs believe it’s way too complex and time-consuming to improve food inventory control. 

This simply isn’t true, and Sculpture Hospitality can help. 

Why miss out on revenue opportunities and damage your business’s bottom line when you can use a simple food inventory software system that not only saves you time and money - but makes your restaurant more profitable. 

That’s why Sculpture Hospitality has created an innovative food inventory management system that shows you exactly how much money you are losing from poor food inventory control, and how to rectify that for higher revenue.

Through our innovative solutions, we offer the most comprehensive food profit management service in the industry. In fact, our solutions lead to more effective control of every aspect of your food operations.

Experience Sculpture's Food Inventory Management First-Hand

Whether you operate a high-end restaurant or own the local pizza joint, we can help your business save money and drive profits through effective restaurant inventory management software.

Through our innovative food control technology solution, Sculpture Hospitality can increase your company’s efficiency, maximize profits, decrease food costs, reduce shrinkage and waste, save you time and ensure you get optimum return on investments (ROI) for your food inventory.

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Food inventory management software

How Does Our Food Inventory Management Solution Work?

Whether it’s employees in the kitchen eating your food or over-serving on the plate, it’s extremely likely that your restaurant is losing money to poor food inventory control. This not only affects your bottom line, it impacts the profitability of your entire business. 

That’s where Sculpture Hospitality’s innovative food inventory management software solution and expert support will help.

Our completely customizable inventory management system empowers your restaurant with drilled down reporting and financial analytics that show exactly where your business is losing money.

The system is incredibly granular, with reports showing you if your restaurant has wasted something as small as a slice of cheese or a cherry tomato. It even drills down into brand specifics, allowing you to keep tabs on each precise food product. 

Are you putting too much cheese on your burgers, are you putting too much crab in your crab cakes, or do you have no idea how many ingredients are going into your soups and stews - Sculpture Hospitality will tell you the exact figure of how much food inventory you are losing to waste.

You’ll learn exactly how many steaks you sold over the last week, and how much dairy is in a specific dish. This gives your restaurant complete clarity into wasted product and unused stock, ensuring you can forecast future orders more strategically. 

Our innovative restaurant inventory management system is completely customizable to your business's specific needs, and how you feel comfortable measuring your ingredients. You can count your ingredients in any measurement you prefer, and the software will give you pinpoint accuracy into your inventory usage.

Once your restaurant has a world-class inventory food management process, you will be able to develop ordering processes that are data driven. 

Want to know the most helpful aspect of Sculpture Hospitality? We have inventory control experts located in towns and cities across the world. That means our consultants can oversee your use of the software and ensure there’s no errors occurring across your food inventory management.

Through our innovative solutions, we offer the most comprehensive food profit management service in the industry. In fact, our solutions lead to more effective control of every aspect of your food operations.

Grow Your Business With Sculpture Hospitality

Do you want to improve visibility into food waste? Do you need to improve your restaurant’s food inventory management processes? Sculpture Hospitality’s innovative food inventory software technology is here to help.

Our unique solution has been designed to ensure your business gets the profits it deserves. Sculpture Hospitaity’s restaurant inventory software can help your business:

  • Get wiser about waste. Our inventory experts will guide you in reclaiming up to 4 percent of your food cost.
  • Give you access to a unique, personalized face-to-face food management partner.
  • Provide concise, reliable and frequent audits for a variety of food items.
  • Streamline your order/receiving processes and automatically prepare and verify vendor orders and shipments. 
  • Assist in product specifications and quality control.
  • Enhance stock rotation to reduce waste and ensure the creation of a first in, first out (FIFO) system.
  • Automated customizable variance reports will help your business analyze and plan recipe pricing and profitability by ingredient.
  • Set food targets, create ideal food costs, as well as middle-of-the-plate costing and tracking. 
  • Ensure portioning consistency and standardized recipes.
  • Reduce shrinkage and over-portioning.
  • Reduce your food cost-of-goods-sold and increase profits.
  • Mobile ready with cross-platform technology - use anywhere, anytime!

Why is Inventory Management Control Crucial for Your Restaurant?

You may be wondering why such detailed food inventory control is so important for your restaurant, after all, there may be more visible areas in your business that are losing money.

Poor food control is actually one of the leading causes of lost money among restaurants around the world. Many chefs know that they have high food costs, but don’t know where the actual loss is coming from. Without proper food inventory, it can take an incredibly long time to figure out where that money is being lost from. 

Not only that, but restaurants typically do not change their menu prices. This can be a costly mistake when considering just how variable seasonal ingredient prices are. It’s important that chefs know how much they are spending, and how much they are wasting. 

Sculpture Hospitality innovative restaurant inventory management software, as well as it’s team of local consultants, will automate those complicated back-end processes so that you can focus on what matters for your business - pleasing your guests.

Through our innovative solutions, we offer the most comprehensive food profit management service in the industry. In fact, our solutions lead to more effective control of every aspect of your food operations.

Good Food Inventory Management Drives Advancement

The restaurant industry is highly competitive, and all chefs strive for the continuous improvement and advancement of their offering. 

Unfortunately, poor restaurant inventory management holds that creativity back. Chefs who are worried about their inventory, wasted time and back-end processes, will not be able to focus on the creative endeavours that help their restaurant to stand out among competitors.

Do you want to take your restaurant to the next level? Sculpture Hospitality’s food inventory management software will empower you to do just that.

The Sculpture Hospitality food inventory management platform, as well as our highly-knowledgeable team, takes those time-consuming and complicated processes away from chefs. This frees up their time to work on more creative and important projects, such as developing new dishes or improving the guest experience. 

The end result? You will have the time to focus on new developments that improve the profitability of your business.

Sculpture_800x600_food_2We Are Your Full-Service Food Management Partner, With a Range of Service Levels!

Sculpture Hospitality’s service levels can be 100 percent customizable depending on your company’s specific needs, but, most importantly, our team of local experts are here to help you improve your food inventory control every step of the way.

Our service levels include everything from our full service, white glove option, in which our hospitality experts manage your company’s entire inventory management, to our self-service option or our complete do it yourself service.

Our team is home to the world’s leading inventory management experts, who are based in towns and cities all over the globe. That means our people have the locality needed to walk into your restaurant and help your business navigate you through any problems you are having with your food inventory management processes. 

Whatever your business needs, we are here to help you.