What is a Restaurant Inventory App?

What is a Restaurant Inventory App?
Bar Inventory - September 22, 2022 Written By: Krista Dinsmore

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One of the most important steps for improving your restaurant’s profits is implementing an inventory management program. The problem is, managing food and beverage inventory at your restaurant can be time consuming, stressful, complex and can be rife with errors - especially when you use manual inventory tracking methods. 

To help simplify your restaurant’s inventory management process, save time and reduce errors, your restaurant should consider a restaurant inventory app

Restaurant inventory app: Definition

Inventory management software helps you streamline your inventory processes by combining the benefits of software integrations, automated calculations, reporting, and inventory analytics. 

A restaurant inventory app offers all these benefits in the form of an application that can be accessed on your mobile phone or tablet. These apps are designed to give food and beverage managers improved oversight over their inventory while providing tools to conduct inventory processes more effectively. 

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4 benefits of using a restaurant inventory app

There are many reasons that your restaurant should be using an inventory management app. 

  1. Error-free calculations 

One of the biggest benefits of a restaurant inventory management app is that it can automate complicated calculations. Proper inventory management requires multiple formulas to keep track of quantities on hand. Even more, math is involved when trying to use that data to calculate important KPIs, such as inventory usage, PAR levels and product shrinkage. While this can be done manually, it does significantly increase the risk of errors and miscalculations.

Restaurant inventory apps do this math for you. Once the calculations are complete, your app will take all the data and compile it into valuable reports that can provide important insights into your inventory data and your business. And it does it all seamlessly in one centralized platform.

  1. Less time spent on inventory 

Using manual spreadsheets to conduct restaurant inventory counts is incredibly time-consuming for your team. You must measure each inventory item manually, find the correct product on the spreadsheet and then input the data. And you must do all of it without falling victim to human error. 

The use of a restaurant inventory app makes this process significantly easier. Restaurant inventory apps use innovative technologies to automate this process, including: 

  • Barcode scanning
  • Massive databases of products 
  • Electronic weighing 
  1. Simplified ordering 

Inventory restaurant apps also help simplify and optimize your ordering processes. That’s because these apps usually allow you to set your replenishment levels for each product. Once a product hits its replenishment point, it will be included in a purchasing report that you can use to place your next order.

  1. Access to data from anywhere 

By using an inventory management app to manage your restaurant’s processes, you can easily make decisions about ordering, vendor selections and other inventory situations no matter where you are. Directly access inventory reports and KPIs from your iOS or Android device while on site, at other locations, on business trips and more. Simply open the app and you can pull up reports, view information and compare data. 

Why choose the Sculpture App

The Sculpture App empowers businesses with insightful inventory data, giving them everything they need to:

  • Make better ordering decisions
  • Understand exactly how much inventory they are wasting and how to prevent it
  • Gain clarity into their most profitable products
  • Easily count inventory through Sculpture Hospitality’s huge database of over 100,000 unique products
  • Understand important inventory data such as on-hand counts, pour costs, purchase and sales data and so much more

In addition, The Sculpture App is supported by expert advice and support from Sculpture Hospitality’s team of locally-based inventory specialists based in cities around the world - including Canada, the United States, Australia, the UK and New Zealand to South America and across Asia. 

Sculpture strives to create custom inventory solutions to fit any bar or restaurant. To find out how The Sculpture App can help your restaurant, contact us today

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A Complete Buyer's Guide to Food & Beverage Inventory Management Systems

With around 25 to 35 percent of a restaurant’s operating budget dedicated to purchasing food (that’s not even taking into account beverage inventory costs for the bar), proper inventory management can significantly improve expected revenue.

To maximize profits you need to improve visibility and control over your restaurant or bar’s inventory. 

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