Introducing The Sculpture App - Simplified Beverage Inventory Management, in the Palm of Your Hand

The Sculpture App

Manage your entire beverage inventory and ordering process in one seamless, easy-to-use mobile application with The Sculpture App for both iOS and Android platforms. 

The Sculpture App has been specifically designed to help restaurants, bars and other hospitality businesses simplify, centralize and customize their inventory processes so that they can focus on what truly matters - increasing profit margins. 

Managing your inventory and ordering processes has never been easier.

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Sculpture Hospitality centralizes inventory and ordering in one, user-friendly, mobile application, giving your business access to insightful reports. The app includes support from Sculpture Hospitality’s team of local experts, diverse functionality and customizable tools that can be adapted for your specific needs.


Now Available - The Sculpture Beverage Mobile Inventory App

Our powerful new mobile inventory tracking and reporting app will help you reduce over-pour, shrinkage and put your profits back where they belong.

Insightful Inventory Reports That Improve Your Bottom Line

The Sculpture App goes above-and-beyond your point-of-sale (POS) system.

By using detailed counts and product data, we help you determine variance in your inventory that would otherwise lead to wasted money.

Insightful reports are displayed right in the Insights Dashboard, showing your business exactly where you are out of money and where you can make changes to improve your profit margins.

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Access Inventory and Ordering Data Any Time, Any Where

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The Sculpture App gives you access to your entire inventory and ordering process in the palm of your hand, no matter where you are or what time you need it.

Direct access to reports such as inventory totals, on-hand totals, category sales and revenues, pour costs, categorical purchase totals, on-hand values and many metrics and KPIs designed to boost your profitability.

Dive down into these key performance indicators on a more granular level to further understand exactly where your restaurant or bar is performing well, and how profitability can be improved. 

Boosting profitability at your bar or restaurant is all about using analytics to make smarter, and more strategic, inventory decisions.

User-Friendly Functionality for Seamless Inventory Management

Customizable to your business’s unique needs, The Sculpture App has been designed with your business workflows in mind.

We’ve developed a highly intuitive and user-friendly platform that saves your business time and improves your processes.

Our optional Swipe-to-Count feature, for example, saves your business time and money by significantly improving the efficiency of your inventory counts.

Detailed Ordering Based on Inventory Data

Based on the ordering data you captured in The Sculpture App, we have made it a seamless process for your organization to access and generate purchase orders (POs).

We make it easy to set your periodic automatic replenishment (PAR) levels and then generate purchase orders from the application and directly share them with your vendor or distributor through email, text message, Slack and many more options.

Access to Sculpture Hospitality’s Complete Product Database

The Sculpture App also brings valued clarity to your restaurant, bar or retail business through insightful categorial reporting. Accurately measure your inventory cost by recording category spend using Sculpture Hospitality’s huge database of over 100,000 unique products that has been built over the past 30 years, saving you from having to manually add product information - simply scan the barcode.

Sculpture App database

Access to Sculpture Hospitality’s Complete Regional Vendor and Cost Database

Not only does the Sculpture App streamline your inventory processes, with the pre-loaded regional vendor and cost data it makes onboarding with the Sculpture App even easier and quicker! Plus, combine this with access to the huge product database and you have a recipe for a smooth onboarding experience.

Free Tutorials to Help Improve Your Processes

Detailed video tutorials, informational content and other tips and tricks are on hand across the platform to help make sure your business is able to realize optimum ROI from your use of The Sculpture App.

Local Experts Supporting You Every Step of the Way

The Sculpture App is a seamless tool that makes managing your company’s inventory and order processes easy, but what really makes us stand out from the crowd is our team of local inventory specialists who are located in your very own town.

Whether you are located in North America (United States/Canada/Mexico), South America (Argentina/Chile/Columbia), Europe (United Kingdom/Ireland/Sweden/Norway), Africa, Australia or Asia, we have local experts based in your unique market. We can work with you to ensure The Sculpture App is perfectly customized to enable your business to be more profitable.

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Get Started With the Sculpture Beverage Inventory App

Ready to get started with the new Sculpture Beverage Inventory App? It's now available for download on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. 

Manage your entire bar or restaurant beverage inventory and ordering process seamlessly, right in the palm of your hand!

Visit the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store to download the Sculpture Beverage Inventory App today!

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