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Best of 2016: Top Blog Posts from the Year

Top blogs of 2016
Company News - December 29, 2016 Written By: Sculpture Hospitality

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To help you kick off 2017, we’ve gathered up our 5 most popular (and useful) blog posts over the past year. Read on to get up to speed on essential industry insights that will help guide your restaurant or bar for the New Year!

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#1: {Infographic}: Top 5 Highest Loss Bar Items from around the World

We surveyed our Bevinco bar inventory variance reports from around the world to understand what bar products have the highest losses in various parts of the world.  The results may surprise you.



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#2: Structuring a Restaurant Bonus Plan for Managers

Generally speaking, restaurant groups that tie their manager bonuses directly to "inventory variance" do not have inventory or revenue losses from their bar.  Conversely, many bars that do not track inventory variances and include management in the accountability of shrinkage lose 15-30% of their inventory and sales.  In this article, I will show you exactly how structuring a restaurant bonus plan effectively will eliminate bar losses and provide you with a bar manager bonus plan template to get you started.



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#3: 6 Steps to Solve your Hidden Hotel Beverage Cost Problem

Hotels, like all restaurants and bars that serve alcohol, have internal controls for inventory management but the truth is that because of dated tools and procedures, most hotel managers and executives have no idea how much inventory or money is lost from their beverage operations.


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#4: Top 3 Traits of Zero-Variance Managers

Liquor control systems vary in techniques and methods but the ones that work best identify the differences between units used and units sold, otherwise known as variance.

Variance reports allow operators to identify where they are losing product and how they can make improvements. However, not every operator that uses variance reports is successful in eliminating losses to shrinkage.


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#5: What is a good pour cost?

The fact is that there is no such thing as a “good pour cost” that every bar should shoot for. When a consultant or writer says that bars should shoot for a target of around 20%, they are spouting nonsense.


Thank you for your support and we look forward to creating some great content for you in 2017! Happy New Years!

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