The Great Resignation: Tips for Attracting Top Talent to Your Bar

The Great Resignation: Tips for Attracting Top Talent to Your Bar
Bar Inventory - December 13, 2021 Written By: Sculpture Hospitality

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Over the past year the "Great Resignation" has had a serious impact on the hospitality industry's ability to hire staff members. Restaurants and bars are operating with smaller teams than ever before, with many scaling back their operating hours to give their employees a break.

That's because new employees are incredibly difficult to find right now.

The Restaurant Workforce Shortage: How Technology Can Help

The Great Resignation has been fuelled by people leaving their jobs in search of more money, more flexibility and better working conditions. Some employees are reevaluating where they want to be and what industry they want to work in, while others are deciding to retire early. 

And this shows no sign of slowing down any time soon. 

In fact, here in Canada, a survey from Randstad Canada found that 43 percent of workers are intending to switch jobs in 2022 - with 61 percent of employers anticipating their workers will leave. 

“What the survey tells us is that a large number of employees do not want to be tied down to their current place of employment, are looking for new opportunities and want to see if the grass is greener in other organizations,” said Patrick Poulin, Group President at Randstad Canada.

“This forces employers to rethink their talent attraction strategies and find creative solutions to retain their talent, now and in the long term.”

This becomes even more problematic in the hospitality sector - an industry with notoriously high turnover rate.

However, that doesn't mean you can no longer attract and retain top talent. 

Are you competing with other bars in your area to win over the best talent and consistently losing out? If so, it may be time to consider a different approach. Here are some tips that can help your bar attract top talent:

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1. Create a clear and deliberate culture at your bar 

Be active in molding the type of bar you want to have. This goes beyond simply choosing the right decor and stocking your shelves with certain drinks. You need to craft a mission, and branding approach, that will be reflected in everything you do - including your hiring choices. This will allow you focus on marketing yourself to the community, and that includes potential new hires. 

When it comes to company culture at your bar, remember that many employees are currently leaving their roles for new opportunities, a better work-life balance and better pay. If you can build a company culture that focuses on career development, inspirational leadership, improved pay and a world-class work environment, then not only will you be able to acquire the top talent but you'll also improve employee loyalty. 

2. Find the balance between celebrating individuals and creating a team

There is a delicate balance between developing a clear brand, and still allowing your staff to be individuals. Instead of trying to force employees into fitting a certain mold, provide them with guidelines and provide them the freedom to express themselves. This will make them feel more comfortable and confident, which will inevitably translate into a better customer experience for your guests.

3. Foster camaraderie among staff members.

While it is important to have a clear sense of leadership in place, it is equally important that every member of the team feels valued and heard. Forming strong bonds of trust and communication will create a more pleasant work environment that also runs more efficiently. Celebrate achievements from both individuals and teams and allow every member to contribute their ideas when it comes to making improvements.

4. Serve as a strong example.

Verbally outlining the type of bar you would like to have is one thing, but being able to embody and demonstrate those values is quite another undertaking. Be the manager that other people will be drawn to and want to work for. Make sure that you are the most knowledgeable, professional and reliable part of the team. Set the example for everyone else and they will be inspired to live up to your standards and work for such a reputable manager.

5. Talk to your staff.

If you have been trying a variety of different approaches to try and attract top talent and nothing seems to be working, why not turn to your existing staff for ideas and feedback? No one knows more about what is working at your establishment and what isn't. Checking in with your staff is the best way to avoid narrow thinking and to better understand what is truly happening at your bar or restaurant. Input from your team will help you improve your company culture and help your bar understand how to attract the best talent. 

Are you still struggling to acquire top talent? Bar technology can help your automate your back-of-house tasks

If you are doing everything you possibly can to hire new employees but the Great Resignation is just preventing you, then it might be time to consider increasing your technology investment instead.

Many bars and restaurants are turning to new technologies, such as an inventory management system, to automate manual tasks and improve their internal operations.

Technology helps you build seamless internal operational processes, improve profitability, and even allows your bar to be operational with fewer staff during times where it's difficult to find new talent. 

Interested in learning more? Get in touch with Sculpture Hospitality today. Our team of experts would love to help you implement bar technologies that drive profitability and make your life easier.  

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