More Time on the Floor, Less Time in the Back Office

Whether you operate one location or one thousand, Fintech automates your alcohol management process, giving you time to focus on taking care of your customers and growing profits.

homepage-heroThe Benefits of FINTECH

  • Eliminates cash, checks, and escrow accounts for alcohol invoice payments

  • Creates operational efficiencies from ordering through reconciliation

  • Saves valuable time so you can focus on the things that matter

  • Eliminates manual data entry and human error


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Fintech has continued to develop affordable, industry-leading technology that delivers smart solutions for beverage alcohol management

How it Works: Fintech & Sculpture


Payment for alcohol deliveries is automated through Fintech


Access alcohol invoices through the online portal


Invoice data is integrated directly into Sculpture and the retailer’s back office or accounting system


Accurate and timely data makes inventory management and invoice reconciliation easier


What’s the greatest benefit of the integration for bars and restaurants?

The largest benefit we have seen is the ability to integrate Fintech data directly into their QuickBooks or other accounting software, as well as the integration into Sculpture. The seamless integration gives operators the confidence that the information we deliver is accurate, and on the accounting side, you are able to see if there are any red flags in terms of pricing increases or decreases.

You are busy, so having the ability to make one click in the portal to see those specific changes in pricing and make sure they’re getting the best price when negotiating with their vendors is key.


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