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Gareth Hollows & Menz Pearce


Sculpture Hospitality, Wellington

Sculpture Hospitality Wellington is not afraid to be bad cop to guarantee your profit margin is the absolute best it can be. In fact, your profit margin is how we gauge how good a job we do. Knowing the industry averages of what is acceptable shrinkage and what's not, we work with your management to implement Beverage solutions to guarantee profit is at it's greatest. We push a 'full accountability culture'- in the aim to ensure every last drop of our product that is used it can be identified what for. We believe anyone today is fortunate to be employed, and it should be a thing of pride- because of this we take high offence to internal (staff) theft and dishonesty and are not afraid to implement incognito processes ourselves to ether find dishonesty or confirm it is not present in your team. Our team comes prides itself on it's Accounting knowledge just as much as it's experience in Hospitality and we use that to ensure we can have as much of a positive impact on your Financial Reports as possible.

Together, we can build a stronger tomorrow.

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We have worked with Peter Nelson and his Sculpture team for well over 10 years. Running busy four bars and having tight controls is imperative to ensure our profitability. Sculpture's stock management system is key to making sure this happens. Knowing where and what stock we have helps maintain supplier ordering, costs management, par levels and any discrepancies that may result in loss or theft of product. The reporting systems are easy to follow to ensure that all the team understands what is happening with our stock. I would highly recommend Sculpture to be placed in your business.

Shaun Halliwell
Maestro Hospitality Group

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Sculpture Hospitality offers a unique, expert audit, in which we count and weigh every single item in your bar or restaurants inventory.

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Gareth Hollows & Menz Pearce


Sculpture Hospitality, Wellington


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