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Charles Deibel

Consultant, Regional Director

Sculpture Hospitality, Kentucky

Sculpture Hospitality counts and weighs all your bottles. Our partners can track keg usage in real time. We can integrate with your POS system to track sales, and we can import your invoices directly to our system. We use all of this information to show you exactly what you have in your bar, what you should have, what you should order, etc. We are the experts for a reason!
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Client Story

Sculpture has become an integral part of our operation. We are provided with detailed reports, saving us time and effort on inventory. We get peace of mind knowing that the audits are being performed accurately by an unbiased third party. The biggest benefit that we've gained from working with Sculpture is optimized efficiency. They have helped us minimize loss and maximize profitability. We're quite literally running near theoretically optimal efficiency on a week to week basis.
George Thenamkodath
VP Operations of 16 Bit Bar and Arcade and PINS

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Sculpture Hospitality offers a unique, expert audit, in which we count and weigh every single item in your bar or restaurants inventory.

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Charles Deibel

Consultant, Regional Director

Sculpture Hospitality, Kentucky


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