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Ken Gillie

Consultant, Regional Director

Sculpture Hospitality, Illinois

Membership: llinois Restaurant Association

Benefits of Inventory Integrity Audits for Your Bar Business:
  • Uncover the Truth About Your Staff Performance, & Quantify the Cost On the Business
  • Stop Theft & Reduce Shrinkage from 25% to 2%
  • Increase Sales By Up to 10%
  • Confidentially & Remotely Track Every Drink, Without a Pouring System or Cameras.      
  • See All Missing Drink Sales so that You Can Ask Your Staff the Right Questions
  • Hold Staff Accountable with Performance Grade Cards
  • Track All Kegs, Btl Beer, Liquor, Wine, & Even Food
  • Create a Culture of Accountability & Increase Business Value
  • Systematize Your Business & Spend More Time Away
  • Use Just-in-Time Ordering Directly With Your Vendors
  • Gain Control Of Your Business And Improve Cash Flow
  • Protect Your Business From the Risk of a State Tax Audit
We are a local company here to help you save money, save time, sell more drinks & run a more profitable bar.
  • Month to month terms 
  • Pricing & service level options to fit each budget
  • We can do it all for you, or we can teach you to audit in house

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Client Story

After fifteen+ years of using their services, VHG can't imagine handling their bars' high volume of employees and patrons without Sculpture!
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Kevin Vaughan
Vaughan Hospitality Group

Case Studies

Read real-life stories of how Sculpture Hospitality is helping bars and restaurants achieve more profit using our innovative restaurant and bar inventory management solutions. 


Sculpture Hospitality helped Saint John Ale House in New Brunswick reduce its pour cost by 7%. The reduction in pour costs boosts profitability.


Sculpture Hospitality helped Vaughn Hospitality Group reach 15% inventory variance improvements resulting in an additional $1200 per week in profit. 


Malones estimate that during Covid they were at a 28% pour cost, and after Sculpture, are now sitting at a 16% pour cost reducing it's pour cost by 12%. 


Short North Pint House & Beer Garden consistently achieves under 3% shrinkage, allowing the business to make back 20X the annual cost of Sculpture's service.

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Sculpture Hospitality offers a unique, expert audit, in which we count and weigh every single item in your bar or restaurants inventory.

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Ken Gillie

Consultant, Regional Director

Sculpture Hospitality, Illinois

Membership: llinois Restaurant Association

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