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Stock is your restaurant’s biggest asset. It’s an investment into the profitability of your business. To optimize that profitability, you need to analyze your stock to understand what’s shifting, how fast it’s shifting and how those factors are affecting your overall profitability.

We provide our leading inventory solutions for bars, nightclubs, hotels, restaurants, resorts, spas and so many more. This is your opportunity to know exactly what was served versus what should have been served: our powerful tracking and reporting systems will help you reduce over-pouring, over-portioning, shrinkage and food waste, putting your profits back where they belong.

We create customized inventory plans for your restaurant or bar business.

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When partnering with Sculpture Hospitality, we will:

✅ Help maximize your profits, while protecting your investment.

✅ Streamline your inventory and ordering process, keeping you profitable and successful.

✅ Free up your valuable time, and decrease your labour costs.
We give you the benefit of peace of mind, while becoming a valued member of your management team.


What Our Clients Say

Our clients have fantastic things to say about working with Sculpture Hospitality! Here’s what they’re saying...

Lower Pour Cost

Within the first year of working with Sculpture Hospitality, we were able to lower our pour cost percentage by 7%.


Jesse Vergen

Owner of SJAH (Saint John Alehouse)

Peace of Mind

Sculpture will give you peace of mind while making you more profitable in the process.


Mike Babineau

President/CEO of Bella Hospitality Group

An Easy Process

These guys are worth their weight in gold.  They just make the whole process easy.


Kyle Lennie

Co-owner of The Snooty Fox

Saving Money

I always say this about Sculpture Hospitality, it's the one check I don't mind writing.


Moe Arsenault

Co-owner of Rocky's Sports Bar

Geoff Loukes, Hospitality Consultant

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