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The Ultimate Guide to Managing Your Restaurant or Bar During Times of Interruptions

Interruptions eBook coverAre you faced with a temporary closure of your restaurant or bar?

It’s important you take steps to protect your business finances until you’re able to open again. This new ebook from Sculpture Hospitality provides helpful tips and advice that will guide you through the service interruption process.

We have included shutdown and reopening checklists to make sure both go seamlessly, and we’ve also provided some tips on how to maintain positive cash flow during your restaurant or bar closure and how to drive profits once you reopen.

Inside you'll find..

  • Your Shutdown Checklist
  • Your Reopening Checklist
  • Creative Ideas to Drive Profits When Your Reopen

Whether you are temporarily closing the doors because of a planned renovation / rebranding, or, are facing an unexpected closure because of the covid-19 pandemic, you'll find information in this guide to help you manage the process successfully.

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