What Should My Pour Costs Be?

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What should my pour costs be? That’s one of the most common questions that bar and restaurant operators ask us.

Unfortunately the answer is: “it’s not that simple.”


To help answer that question, we conducted a study of 30 bars and identified the pour cost for each of them.

You’ll be tempted to compare your pour cost to those in the study. But, as you’ll see, our analysis suggests that would NOT be a good idea. In fact, the important question is not “what is a good pour cost?” but rather “what is the right pour cost for my bar?”

Read this ebook to unlock the power of discovering the right pour cost for your bar.

What else will you learn from this eBook?

  • How to find your ideal pour cost
  • Reasons why your pour cost might be 4 points higher than you ideal pour cost
  • Why you need to recalculate
    your pour cost regularly
  • Why your pour cost is too high
  • How you can reduce your pour cost
  • Relatable pour cost case studies