Program your POS system for Inventory Control

How To Optimize Your POS System


Many  restaurant operators have an expectation that their investment in a POS system will cover their inventory control needs because of how the systems were marketed.  As many have learned the hard way, this is just not true.


POS systems alone will not prevent inventory and sales losses.

Now is the time to make every drop count! Download our eBook on POS systems to learn:  

  • Why your current programming is costing you money
  • How to reprogram your POS to optimize for inventory control
  • Where POS companies fall short with their inventory promises
  • Eliminate Generic Modifiers
  • A Better Way to Structure Modifiers
  • Speed Without “Speed Keys”
  • Effective Inventory Control
  • Encourage Upselling
  • Track Comps, Spills and Kitchen Use
  • Integrate Color Coding
  • Buying a New POS System